Tempest's Heart

Council of Wolves - Book 3 - Coming in 2018

Sean Beckett's been kidnapped. By a tiny female witch no less. What's worse is that the wolf shifter spirits keep foisting new powers on him, his best friends gone into labour, his brothers deadly vampyre in-laws have come to visit and mysterious werewolves keep trying to kill them.  It's all out war in the last of the Council of Wolves series, but what happens when the woman holding a gun to his head also happens to be his mate. 


Immortal Destiny - Book 1 - Coming 2018

Ever since Emily Cali bundled her children into their car and fled to the obscure town of Granby, Colorado she's desperately tried to keep a low profile, always afraid the life she left behind would eventually catch up to her family.  Now Sebastian and Alexis are on the cusp of their eighteenth birthday.  In typical Cali style the twins get themselves into trouble with their cranky next door neighbour and narrowly escape a juvenile criminal record.  Already different with a secret ability to communicate through thought, bizarre events start to occur, starting with a stranger who calls himself a long lost relative and a mother that has lied about their birthright.​​

The Cali family have always been surrounded by mystery, but some secrets aren’t meant to stay hidden.